HELPS Connected Homes Program

Use less. Save more.

Earn rewards and save on your energy bill by signing up for the HELPS Connected Homes Program.

Why Connected Homes?

WiFi connected devices make it easy and convenient to manage your home’s energy use. You can adjust your device’s energy usage remotely, or set an automatic schedule that optimizes energy usage based on your routine. And by signing up with the HELPS Connected Homes Program, you’ll receive monthly incentives for participation.

How Does It Work?

By enrolling your smart device in HELPS Connected Homes, you agree to allow {{utilityName}} to make brief, limited adjustments to your device during times of peak electric demand.

To thank you for participating, you'll earn an incentive for each device you enroll. {{utilityIncentive}} You'll have extra money in your pocket without sacrificing comfort.

Want to know more? Check out our FAQ section.

Ready to start saving?


Check the list below to see if {{utilityName}} is participating and if your device qualifies.


Select your device.


Click the “Sign Up” link at the top of the page and fill out a Connected Homes application.


Start saving money!

Do You Qualify?

You are a customer of {{utilityName}}.

You have (or are planning to purchase) a qualifying internet-connected device.

The device is WiFi connected.

If all statements apply to you, you may be eligible to enroll your device in the HELPS Connected Homes program.

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